Dear Fellows,

I write to appeal to you to act individually, indicating your support for the establishment of the Hong Kong Academy of Nursing (HKAN) as a statutory body.

Our Academy Colleges over the years have been working diligently to construct specialist curriculum, standards and examinations to ensure practice quality. Concurrently, our nursing leaders have lobbied the related authorities to support the development of advanced practice in nursing. Most importantly, our nurses who have dedicated to providing the best care for our patients deserve legal protection to recognize their practice qualifications and standards to protect the public.

Our strengths:
We have a total of 40,176 registered nurses and midwives on the registry of Nursing/Midwives Council of Hong Kong to date.
Our entry-to-practice registration is protected by law.
We are the largest healthcare professional group in the system!

Our needs:
Our advanced nursing practice registration needs to be regulated to protect the public.
The PHKAN has inducted 3325 Fellows that warrant statutory recognition!
Time to act now within this term of government to establish the statutory status of HKAN!

We need each one of you to indicate your support. You can reply by completing the attached form, email or fax to us!

Yours sincerely,

Dr LUM Shun Sui Susie
The Provisional Hong Kong Academy of Nursing Ltd

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- Download the Reply Form (PDF) here.