Organization Structure
Organization Structure
Organization Structure
Organization Structure
(V5) April 2024

Dr. LEONG Che Hung, GBM, GBS, OBE, JP  


Dr. CHEUNG Wai Lun Allen  Project Director, Chinese Medicine Hospital Project Office, Food and Health Bureau 
Mr. FAN Hung Ling Henry, SBS, JP Chairman, Hospital Authority
Dr. HO Shiu Wei, William, JP Chairman, Private Hospitals Assoication
Dr. LAW Chun Bon, Alexander Cluster Chief Executive (Kowloon West) and Hospital Chief Executive (Princess Margaret Hospital and North Lantau Hospital)
Dr. Hon LAM Tzit Yuen, David LegCo Member, Medical & Health Services Subsector
Dr. LEE Lai Yin, Irene Chairman, Midwives Council of Hong Kong
Prof. LEUNG Ka Kit, Gilberto President, Hong Kong Academy of Medicine
Prof. TIWARI Agnes Chairman, Nursing Council of Hong Kong

International Advisor

Dr. HUGHES Frances, JP, ONZM Director, Global Strategic Initiatives CGFNS International
Dr. McBRIDE, Angela B. Distinguished Professor and University Dean Emerita, Indiana University School of Nursing, USA

Honorary Legal Advisor

Mr. HUANG, Garson Lester, JP P. C. Woo & Co.

Honorary Auditor

Mr. CHAN Wai Hei William Roger K.C. Tou & Co.

Honorary Consultant

Mr. YEN Yuen Ho Tony, SBS  

The Council (2023-2024)
Prof. CHAIR Sek Ying President
Prof. FUNG Yuk Kuen Sylvia President Elect/ Vice President (Internal) / Chair of Professional Development Committee
Ms. HUIE-ROSE Cynthia C. Vice President (External)
Prof. LI Ho Cheung William Vice President (Education) / Chair of Accreditation Committee / Chair of Education Committee
Ms. CHEUNG Yuk Hung Kathy Honorary Secretary
Ms. CHAN Ming Fung Maggie Honorary Treasurer
Ms. LUI Ching Yee Carmen Council Members / Chair of Registration and Membership Committee
Ms. MA Po King Council Members / Chair of Community, Promotion and Public Relations Committee
Mr. TO Hoi Chu Council Members / Chair of Fund Raising Committee
Ms. CHAN Yin Ping Annie Council Members
Dr. LEE Wai Yee Susanna Council Members
Ms. KWOK Mei Ling Angela Council Members
Ms. LEUNG Yuen Fan Fanny Council Members
Dr. LAW Po Ka Noble Council Members
Mr. MAK Kwok Fung Michael Council Members
Ms. WONG Kin I Council Members
Ms. TSANG Siu Ling Council Members
Dr. POON Wai Kwong Council Members
Ms. NG Lai Kwan Monica Council Members
Dr. CHOW Yu Fat Council Members
Mr. TSE Cheuk Yin Andrew Council Members

The Council in the past