Terms of Reference


1. Background

1.1 The Young Fellows Chapter (YFC) is an established body within the Hong Kong Academy of Nursing. It reports directly to the Academy Council.

2. Objectives

2.1. To strengthen young Fellows engagement and involvement in the Academy and to provide feedback and comments on issues relevant to young Fellows.

 2.2. To act as a platform for communication between young Fellows and the Academy Council.

 2.3. To enable collaboration with other Colleges to promote professional development and research among young Fellows across the specialties locally and internationally.

3. Composition and Membership

3.1. An Academy Fellow with Fellowship earned within the past 10 years is considered as a “Young Fellow”.

3.2. The management committee of the YFC of the Academy consists of committee members not less than 12 and not more than 20; each College can nominate one Fellow to join the Governing Council of YFC. The Chair, (1 to 3) Vice-Chair, Honorary Secretary of YFC will be elected with the majority vote.  The final composition of the YFC management committee should be approved by the Academy Council.

4. Terms of Office and Appointment Method

4.1. Each management committee member of the YFC will serve a term of two years, renewable for another term (max. 4 years). Chairman and Vice Chairs restricted to one term.

5.  Duties

5.1. YFC Chair and one Vice-chair have to attend Council Meetings of the Academy in non-voting capacities.   Other members have to attend the regular meetings / participate in the affairs of the Academy committees in non-voting capacities. Each member will be invited to become an observer of one committee and provide inputs where appropriate. Members will also be required to observe the rules of procedure of the committees, including the principle of non-disclosure.

  • Education Committee
  • Accreditation Committee
  • Registration and Membership Committee
  • Promotion and Public Relation Committee
  • Community and Fund Raising Committee
  • Professional Development Committee
  • IT Workgroup
  • Editorial Board

5.2  The YFC management committee should normally have a quarterly meeting. The YFC’s proceedings shall be recorded in minutes by the elected Honorary Secretary of YFC and reported to the Academy Council.

5.3. A quorum shall be 50% of YFC management committee.

5.4. All members should engage young Fellows of their respective Colleges to involve in Academy’s events.

5.5. YFC is encouraged to organize events for young Fellows with endorsement by the Academy Council.