Honoary Fellow Member

Dr. CHEUNG Wai Lun
Prof. WONG Chi Sang, Martin

Professor Martin Wong of the School of Public Health and Primary Care is currently the Director of the Jockey Club Bowel Cancer Education Centre at The Chinese University of Hong Kong. As a specialist in Family Medicine and an expert in the field of cancer screening and cardiovascular pharmacology, Professor Wong has published over two hundred publications in international peer-reviewed journals, and received over ten international and local research awards for his studies in his area of expertise. He pioneered the establishment of the first colorectal cancer screening service provided by CUHK in 2007, under the leadership of Prof. Joseph JY Sung, the Vice-Chancellor and President of CUHK, and Prof. Francis KL Chan, the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, CUHK. In the University, his enthusiasm to teaching has been well received by students and was selected for the “Master Teacher” and the “Annual Teacher of the Year Award” for 7 years. He acted as a speaker for more than 400 health seminars and 500 patient focus groups at both local and international levels. Prof. Wong is also a Consultant/Director in more than 40 NGOs and governmental committees serving the chronically disabled and the needy. He is the chairman of the Ten Warriors of Regeneration Selection for more than 10 years, and is the Founding Chairman of the Warriors of Regeneration Association. Thus far, more than 800 community-based health and life sharing talks have been arranged by the Society in collaboration with professionals in the educational and healthcare sector.

Prof. Wong was awarded the First Outstanding Volunteer Award by the Agency for Volunteer Service and the Hong Kong Humanity Award by Hong Kong Red Cross in 2005 and 2009 respectively. In 2010, he was conferred with the Award of Benevolence by The Hong Kong & Macau Taiwanese Charity Fund and Radio Television Hong Kong, and the next year being named as the most outstanding NGO volunteer by the Correctional Services Department. Prof. Wong is the only person in Hong Kong who received the Global Fervent for Love of Lives Medal from the Taiwan Cultural and Educational Foundation in 2011-2012, an award recognized by the international media as “Nobel Prize of Lives”. He was elected as the Ten Outstanding Young Person of Hong Kong in 2012.

Prof. Wong has joined the Hong Kong Academy of Nursing as Council member since 2013. With his wide range community service experience, the Hong Kong Academy of Nursing has been introduced to more exposure of social commitment.