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Mrs. LEE Liv
Mrs. LEE Liv

Mrs. LEE Liv received her nursing training at Bethanie Hospital, Oslo, Norway in 1962 and a certificate course on Public Health Personnel in Oslo two years later. Mrs. Liv LEE started to work in Hong Kong in 1965, participating in medical projects run by the Methodist Church. She became a registered nurse of Hong Kong in 1968 and of the United Kingdom in 1980. She was one of the few nurses pioneering Community Nursing in Hong Kong,

In 1970s Mrs. LEE Liv introduced the community nursing service to a number of subvented hospitals namely Our Lady of Maryknoll Hospital; Haven of Hope Hospital; The Caritas Medical Centre; Alice Ho Miu Ling Nethersole Hospital; later the project was commenced at the United Christian Hospital.

Mrs. LEE Liv stayed with Community Nursing at Nethersole Hospital and at The Yang Memorial Social Centre until 1974. She helped out in training a number of qualified local community nurses during her stay. After leaving the Yang’s she worked as an agency nurse in the hospital of Kai Tak North Refugee Camp. She provided counselling services to problems relating to spouse abuse, unwanted pregnancies, bereavement and depression while working with a mental health programme: “Family life Service” for Vietnamese refugees, from 1980 to 1984.

Apart from community nursing, Mrs. LEE Liv also worked as volunteer for the underprivileged groups. She was included in projects for the abused domestic helpers (1988-1990) and the homeless (2009-2013).

Through years’ effort, the idea of providing nursing care to people discharged from hospitals eventually gained the government acceptance.