Honorary Fellow Member

Dr. Carol PORTER

Dr. Carol PORTER is an expert in Focused Quality & Safety Rounding based on multiple metrics & Staff engagement. She is active in promoting Multidisciplinary Teamwork to make nursing both exciting & Challenging.  She is also an experienced and passionate leader focused on improving quality and the patient & family experience in healthcare. She is a huge supporter of nursing professional practice emphasizing the importance of nurses to the patient/family experience as well as to excellent outcomes. Dr PORTER is experienced in emergency management & preparedness as well as incident command team roles in healthcare.

Dr. Carol PORTER actively involves in nursing education and experienced international speaker on nursing leadership, staff management partnership and patient care quality. Her contribution at national level involved: being Fellow of the American Academy of Nursing, Board of Directors of the Friends of the National Institute of Nursing Research, AAN Magnet Advancement of the American Academy of Nursing and Nurse Chair of the Regional Advisory Committee of the Greater New York (5 Boroughs). Dr. PORTER is the Adjunct Professor of the Case Western University in Cleveland Ohio, USA.

Dr. PORTER collaborates with Chief Nursing Executive internationally to improve nursing practice, promote advanced practice nursing roles, improve relationships between clinical nurses and management to impact patient care quality outcomes. She also focused on the implementation of Nursing Leadership and Physician leadership dyads as in important fundamental partnership.

Dr. PORTER collaborates with the Chinese University of Hong Kong in arranging clinical placement for undergraduate nursing students and clinical visits at the MD Anderson Cancer Centres. She also facilitated clinical visits and exchanges for nursing colleagues of Hong Kong on implementation of nurse practitioners. Dr Carol PORTER has been the Adjunct Professor at the Tung Wah College Hong Kong and is now the  Adjunct Professor of the University of Hong Kong.

Dr. PORTER received 5 Star Service Award, Lenox Hill Hospital in 2003; Dean’s Legacy Award, and  Madeline R. Zaworski Award for Outstanding Leadership, Case Western Reserve University in 2009, Distinguished Clinical Colleague Award, New York University College of Nursing in 2013.